• Another restart

    It's always bad to not post on the blog. Again - we will try to fix this. Updates? Our Devon engine is completed, needs some tuning though, ather that it sould be back on the roads!

    And Estonia now has '56 oval, nice low black beauty with stock 29hp engine, sweet red interior and fuchs wheels


  • Back @ home!

    We are back at Estonia! Drove the bus last week 4 days, total about 3800km. All 3600 of those with "broken" engine. Today i got some time to tear it down to see what happened

    So after i got the muffler off things looked bad...

    i dug on and finally found the reason. again the cylinder #4

    so... i took it all apart and... now just have to order some seals and parts and put it back together


  • We are alive

    Just to show You that we are still alive - taken today with some palms on the back. It's "cold and wintery" where :)

  • Another restart

    We're more or less settled down in Valencia. So it's time for new skin for our website. & as the winter is coming it's really the last time to check out Your order needs - there is no better time to prepare Your ride for the new season than winter!

  • the donkey lives!

    '"the donkey lives!"

    got the engine together, it fires, it drives. at least somehow. made a small cruise to the town and shop as well. man it feels good to shop with a car. i mean don't get me wrong, nobody should underestimate the power of 3 cylinder acvw engine. but man, the 4 cylinder one is like new level :)
    And what to do with old pushrod tubes and new cylinder head boxes? Perfect drum set!