• Manual labour

    so yesterday the parts finally arrived. friend of mine managed to pick them up just before they were sent back to UK. lucky... i guess. but unfortunately there was a mess up with the order so i did not get all the parts. but i have the heads - the main ones
    today, i think, i made some kind of record. took me 2h to get the engine... well, short block at least, on the bus. reason - i don't have proper jack. so only by some wood blocks and stones and hand-power i got it on. now - everything else 
    hopefully there will be pics too at some point
  • Quiet time

    it's been quiet - the parts reached last Friday to Valencia, but... that's about it. they haven't reached my friend yet. hopefully he can pick them up by himself and then deliver to me. so until that it's just... vacation, rum and swimming pool. what a dull waiting Smile
    So the garage has been looking like this for some time now...
  • the brakedown

    so i made it to the event and i kept on. and i arrived to town called Cullera, about 50km south from Valencia. i had there a place booked. the town looked nice, they even had proper advertisement for car wash

    the oil leak was getting worse, ending up like this

    so i added some more and crawled again up the hills to my new place with way fancy garage

    just to remove the engine and find the problem - #4 outlet valve seating was gone. also looks like i did bad job on the autobahn gas station repair as one of the pushrods managed to get out and broke the head lower part. well... i need a new head anyway. also there was some problems in the #3 cylinder too


    and a small reminder from the event

  • das Event

    so i made some shots on the event... 

  • Tossa de Mar

    another camping side, another WiFi connection... this time in Tossa de Mar, at Spanish VW event. We made it here! First time during trip, during preparation, basically 2-3 months i have free day. Just the pool, sweetest weather - relaxation!
    So during last update my little guy had his second birthday & in France we saw rather big forest fire. And after some more fuel (bus is thirsty now) and oil fill-ups (oil is leaking even more) we arrived here