• Spain & French thief

    we decided to do one thing no proper VW owner would do - keep on trucking. bus drives, but lacks power. especially on the hilly coast line roads. well... right now i'm in Spain. yesterday night i decided to spend on some small French gas station parking lot - almost big mistake if not my dear wife was not able to hear suspicious sounds. some asshole broke into my car, broke the driver side lock as well (up until this point i had bus that had only one key for the doors... now i need new lock and additional key). but thanks to my wife the thief fled empty handed 
    so tomorrow i hope to get to the Spanish event - if anyone from Spain reads this, and will go to the event or knows anyone who will go - please spread the word that one used late type4 cylinder head would be useful. i have had diagnoses from broken valve to broken head. so i think a spare head will do no harm... i must remove the engine and disassemble it anyway to see the cause of all the problems. let's see what tomorrow will bring Smile
  • first proper fail

    it's been quite a nice ride so far. nice views, even met some more buses
    so far was the windshield wiper arm only thing that let me a little down. now is the big stuff - engine. tomorrow morning there was no #4 cylinder. still missing. why - no idea. spark plug works, hydraulic lifters work... but cylinder itself is not. and there is noise, bad noise. and there was quite a lot of blue smoke. so i would say it's bad. so one little guy was taking nap while i was checking it out. as it was hoples and not checkable in highway gas station there was a nice truck driver who spoke a little English. who translated another nice old guy who despite his white shirt dug himself into engine, returned and said it's the valve. truck driver then remembered his friend from VW club and gave his number. VW club friend told that he is too far but gave a workshop number. which also spoke English and i managed to drive to city Vallauris. and who turned out - the Bug Shop! drove to his office and he gave me an estimate - about 1000€ as there may be cylinder head problem, need to order new one
    so now is the question. the price is a bit over my budget. couple of days wait is also bad. drove away now and will settle down for the night to figure it out...
  • mediterranean sea

    finally! sun, warm - my kind of place. and i really like the north-Italian traffic, suits me well

    the bus did the Alps, with some struggle. the uphills weren't that good. but the down hills on the other hand! on the "bahn" witk 100km/h and hills the bus did a bit more than 14l per 100km. well... not that bad, but when the fuel litre costs 1.99 it IS bad :)

    anyway we are over the Alps, in the Mediterranean sea, now just follow the coast line and all is good!

    word of advice - if You drive from Milano to Genova, don't use the highway. we followed the SS35, small road. in the dark, it climbed again and again, bus had it's problems... but then there was the downhill road which was just f*** masterpiece. turn after turn after turn. even brakes started to feel a bit less productive in the end. and it seems You don't really need map or GPS in cities. we used compass in Genova and got out good :) maps are too mainstream!

  • Visiting Lithuanian mini-zoo

  • #2 camping

    so we're in Poland. in the edge of town Suwalki @ camping area. nice sweet place to spend our second night. first night was sepnt at Bauska racing circuit after Bauska Custom Engines & the chief Valdis improved our bus engine conditions

    fuel consumption is pretty bad, about 20l per 100km in the city, 13.5 on the road. so the new carb doesn't do it's job that good and ok yes, the load on the bus is also rather big. but we will keep on!